Info-Sec in the Southeast: A 101 Primer for Atlanta Cyber Week

“Info-Sec in the Southeast: A 101 Primer for Atlanta Cyber Week”

Make the most of Atlanta Cyber Week and network with confidence. Take a crash-course in the hottest topics affecting technology and policy now.

Georgia Tech presents a survey of cybersecurity’s most pressing and complex issues, especially those affecting the Southeast and metro Atlanta.  Faculty from the School of Public Policy will review topics such as corporate security, international agreements, government-industry coordination, information warfare and free speech, including:

  • Should Atlas Shrug? Should private companies, many now seen as critical national infrastructure, shoulder more of the burden for national cybersecurity or shake it off?
  • Radio Liberty in Russia vs. RT in America: What’s happening to the news ecosystems and who do we trust? When nations infiltrate one another’s media networks with their own propaganda, what happens to libel, slander, and protected free speech?
  • Who Governs the Internet? As America relinquishes control of internet governance and the process that set order for domains and secure routing, who is in charge now? What will it mean for net neutrality?


This 90-minute luncheon is designed to leave guests informed and ready for meaningful conversations throughout Atlanta Cyber Week. This event also presents an overview of Georgia Tech’s new Master’s in Cybersecurity degree, featuring three tracks – policy, energy systems, and information security.



  • Milton Mueller, professor, School of Public Policy
  • Hans Klein, professor, School of Public Policy
  • Students from the program


Complimentary lunch for pre-registered attendees.


Event Details


  • Monday, October 2, 2017
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: 75 5th St., Hodges Room, Suite 335, Atlanta, GA

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