Ethical Dimensions of Student-Athlete Compensation

Professor Keller will discuss the ethical issues at the center of the current debate on student-athlete compensation including whether fairness requires that student-athletes be compensated, beyond the value of their education, for their services and/or for use of their name, image and likeness. Starting with the NCAA’s concept of amateurism, Larry will describe recent attempts by student-athletes to be recognized as employees, and the antitrust issues raised by the NCAA’s rules prohibiting compensation. He will explore the educational benefits that student-athletes already receive, the college-sports business model, and Title IX requirements, all of which have implications for the student-athlete compensation debate. Finally, Larry will propose a compensation plan that will meet many of the legal and other objections posed by those who support the current NCAA prohibition.

Lunch will be provided, so please register online.

Event Details


  • Tuesday, October 31, 2017
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Room 316, Scheller College of Business
Fee(s): Free

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  • Larry Keller, Scheller College of Business

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